Some answers to illuminate on your questions
1.Dear Shirley why do you have business hours stated and yet the internet is 24/365/7?
we hold no caveat on one’s browsing sessions and times once you land upon the site but for business to be done effectively,timely hours need to be kept.Though we would happy to speak and deliver to potential customers at any time, beyond 5pm? it ain’t happening,we got things to do, such as ,one may ask,creating,uploading more pieces so that you can rock them at whatever hours that may please you.

2.Dear Shirley,why do you insist on one having a strong self of knowing thy size before thinking of purchasing, ordering and delivery?
we can be able to tell you the size,the length,height or even weight of the piece but its up to you to determine whether the dimensions of the piece stated can rock with you, this insistence is for those who are willing to purchase outside my limits of cash on delivery and free delivery within the C.B.D .Let us help one another so that the margin of error is reduced and we can be both happy.

3.Dear Shirley are you open to delivering at people’s office and salons
yes so long as it is reasonable times and places,kindly check on the delivery information link for more information

4.Dear Shirley do you deliver at people residences?

5.Dear Shirley what if the office and place of residence is the same?
kindly refer to no.4 and see the delivery information on how best we can serve one another
5A Dear Shirley how will you know that one isn’t lying on question no 5
We won’t but we can hope to have honest and open interactions,the more we have that the better it is to serve you and God is watching

6.Dear Shirley what could lead to delivery times not being honored
lack of clear clarifications on the delivery routes i.e we have not been able to understand one another,and acts of God that are barely in our control,such as and not limited to an accident, war, strikes,marathons( that are not well planned)are hopefully if they occur we can be both civil and understanding to the situation.

4.Dear Shirley ,I am apprehensive on the amount of information that i would be giving either through website
We also scared and apprehensive of the information that will be passing along between us hence that is why there is a padlock sign on the website known as the SSL certificate that protects your personal information
we use Pesapal and paypal which also has privacy policies that protect one’s debit or credit card information.we have no interest to rent,loan,sell,trade your information we however retain the information to facilitate order, purchase and delivery

5.Dear Shirley why do you insist on whats app email rather than calling?
we don’t mind calls but if we do not pick immediately it could be
one called before or after business hours,
we could be facilitating another customer
we could be in class etc
if one’s call is not picked immediately,kindly whats app,email or text with your query and we will get back to you

6.Dear Shirley do you sell items on wholesale?
As of now we do not but we are happy and open to stocking another creatives items.kindly e-mail with pictures and you wholesale prices and we will get back to you shortly.

7.What kind of communication can one be use?
we are open to whats app,text,calling and email,so kindly don’t think it’s beneath professional standards to use whats app or text to contact.

8.Dear Shirley are there opportunities for photography and modelling your pieces
as of now No

9.Dear Shirley how best can you assure that the product to buy is as stated
we try our best to take the photos as closest to the color and material of the accessory,colour and size might be subjective so we work to also explain using the product description box ,not everything is set in stone .Do not be scared though if you like it you should be able to work with it and rock it

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