07 May

I,I, I,I
I love you, I miss you, I’m angry, I hate you. This word- I- has intention, purpose and presence. I am confused when cheat uses it to describe what he thinks he feels and knows.
A part of me wants to ask about his little girlfriend but I don’t care and am not jealous,or am I??. “relax” as he comes closer .he smells of cognac and cologne. Dressed in Blue Jeans and a white shirt that reflects from the disco lights or maybe it’s his sexy radiance. his casual look is so effortless. “they are upstairs, “too busy partying”,we are safe”.i so badly want to believe him and touch him. It really isn’t the shirt nor the disco lights,its him, bladyfucken. ” want another drink? “I spin around to look at him.on the outside in,i look in control and self-assurred but am melting like sundae on a hot summer afternoon. “yes” he motions to a bartender-you know what I hate,that bartenders respond faster to male customers. I get a 🍸 in seconds.
It’s so loud he leans to ask. “you have a lover”
“so do you”,I counter
“fair enough”
He puts his arm around my waist and starts to sway slowly,lawwdd,i shake out of fear and desire. “cold? ” he responds. “want my jacket?”
Yeah I take it even though I don’t need it.

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