25 Apr

Dear crush
I had a one night stand, so unlike me, so unlike this. what’s the female equivalent to busting a nut ?
It feels like an explosion beforehand ,cruising, bubbling underneath,twas like à heartbeat, steady ,continuous and then i saw him…. Perfection.
Dark skin,
Toned lithe body, still strong,
Sweet smile,
Beautiful hands,
Still haven’t found the equivalent ?
He sensed the attraction within, wondering where lover was ? His company always appreciated but a lady sometimes needs space but not from nuts apparently.

We started by having an action packed day filled with discoveries only daylight could provide. Weirdly we didn’t hang out together, we knew, small talk was unnecessary,pants would be dropping soon and nuts would be bursting anyways.
I wondered could we be discrete ? , the group ï went with was mature, ratchedness could happen without evidence, don’t you just hate going with a group that photographs everything, no sense of privacy with such fuckers.
I had my own room, next door was home girl she knew what it meant to keeping her mouth shut,all ï had to was get to know his roomie, it still never is enough, this days are filled with men who like to Kiss, show and tell,pthooo.I was sure to drop a word to my nutter on how to keep his month shut if questions were to arise.

I was satisfied over the man ï had decided , he understood nuances and how to keep his mouth shut, if he ever was about spilling it wasn’t about nutting though.
I caught him, a couple of times gazing at me, i thought “aye king, What that thang be like ? It better nut, i pondered panickly.
Lunch, dinner, onto the disco
Music playing in the background.
The perfect dancer
Still waiting on that equivalent though

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