23 Apr

Dear crush,
I saw Rafiki, could you be gay? I hadn’t thought of that option till now, here I am pining n saving all my love for you, yet you could be batting for the other side. Don’t get me wrong, live n let live is my mantra but I’d be happy if you are totally hetero, just you wanting me n vice versa.

I mean
Being emotionally intelligent, having fashion/style,staying moisturized from head to toe !,yes those 💋 need some arimis isn’t gay. You smell good I can tell from your pictures.
Complimenting one’s boys, having a sense of brotherhood that allows vulnerability in words n actions is definitely not gay.
Taking selfies, wine, being on insta-i love your insta, isn’t. Wearing tight fitting jeans just makes me want grab your butt.
Having a single parent doesn’t turn one gay. Washing ones ass def isnt
This is me ticking off what I see bout you, n unlearning stuff to not be convinced otherwise.
But then
Is it my face, body, teeth lawd knows I been straightening them can’t wait to show you the progress. do i write too much, too mushy, honest, vulnerable, too fantasizing
Am still not a talkative person, is that I don’t come from the right money, am I too dark? Is that am too religious or I border towards being agnostic and atheistic.

Here I am overthinking why it’s unnecessary to bat for the other side, or that you bat for this side or both sides. I’m getting a headache about this.
Perhaps nothing n everything that you do has nothing to do with me. Our Life’s trajectory are like parallel lines, it’s nothing personal.
But still however different and distant we are from each other, I get a glimpse of you.
Dear crush
It’s been a while
Here’s to me shooting my shot
Still crushing, stalking, writing
Still dreaming, loving, waiting
Still single, longing, caring
It’s been me you looking for

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