20 Apr




Stuck in how to start ones musical journey? which books to use, which not to use? It depends on the following
Level? There are books for beginners, intermediates, professionals n amateurs just determine where you at in your instrument and it’s a step in one’s direction

Level of commitment. There are books that will make one advance n competent really fast, n there are those that are one step at at a time, all this depends on how disciplined one is to the journey.
Genre? Wanna learn music thru jazz, classical,contemporary, ?look n ye shall find.
Font n other stories. I am the type to judge a book by its cover, font illustrations etc

Reviews. Help alot.music learning has different approaches n methods n seeing pips who’ve gone through it help level the trust or distrust?
What’s the goal? Exams? Being in a Band?therapy work? Educator? Hobby?there r Music books dedicated to the goals.
Good luck

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