01 Mar

I rem showing a parent how well their child had done in a music theory test and her responding unimpressive how she did not want me to teach her child music theory as she had paid me to teach her child piano,,,,,, and am like😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 theory is the foundation of music and still insisting that she was right and I was wrong. It was hard keeping a straight face in that interaction.
We all have our ignorance spots that require illumination from time to time, we are here to learn and teach.
Music theory is the foundation of being a musician…periodt, your favorite musician could not have survived the Industry without knowledge of the creative aspect of music

One aspect of music theory is Scales
Learn your scales and the following will tremendously improve.
One’s musical ear-you can’t correct what you don’t know
Understand n recognize patterns and arrangements.
Dexterity of fingers makes helps in precision ,timing and flexibility.
Playing in tune, the more accurate ,the better the sound .
Builds exams and auditions.
Co-ordination -so many things to remember as an instrumentalist and Scales helps bring all those elements together
builds sight reading skills.

To those particular pips who think one just picks and instruments and plays think again.
In the end I kept teaching her music theory but I didn’t describe it as such anymore.
It doesn’t hurt to trust the teacher 📷 -gratisography

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