15 Oct


The biggest lie Kenyan/ African parents have been told is that math and science are the most important subjects in the life of their children hence it was easy for the music and arts to be erased completely for a good no. Of years before it was returned to a new curriculum that no-ones knows how it’s working.
One of the challenges we have in teaching children music is the absolute negotiation of how music should start and continue
“let her/him just start without an instrument”??????
“Too busy to supervise practice yet the expectations are always high”
“Cancel lessons they have midterms and exams”???? “I expect exams in the first year of learning yet their discipline to it has been shit”
“Pricing yet they would drop thousands for a math tutor or science”. Please note not every investment in the arts is too turn them to Artists.
I think Kenyans parents don’t go over and above with arts and sports as they are scared of the failure rate yet unemployment and retrenchment rates are soaring in all industries, you’d think it’s better to have an all rounded child.
Children absorb the skills they learn different, it’s up-to parents to figure that all this extra curricular activities are to make them faster, adaptable, creative, original,individualistic. it’s okay to view them as a subject and demand the same level of commitment as maths and science require.


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