19 Jun

…….I was deep in thought practicing how i’d give him a handshake -as if -and bolting out of his door and ride back to my lonely walls.
“why so silent Shirley?”penny for your thoughts?”
i smiled in my head” am satisfied,the day has been good.
” ohh so you done now,all you need is home eh?”
i silently wondered “what else is there?” “what did you have mind?”
“him” my body answered,ready to betray my conscience
but,instead i said “yup another long day awaits thanks to you”
he laughed i didnt think it was funny

We reached his garage,lt was not a good idea to park my shit there

my body seeping out pure unadulterated thoughts “i am better than this”,lust filled the silence in the car

what now?

i go home is what,”goodbye as i give him something that is inbetween a hug and a hanshake , i bolt out before my body overpowers my mind

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