21 Apr

You were the first to say those words.
All my life men and women have picked what parts they like of me.
I’ve heard about my butt, smile, one liked eyes but he was cheat;my eyes are just eyes. Another convinced that my laugh is giggling,tis actually how i laugh.
I remember you traced your hand from beneath and sides of my breasts to beyond my torso, the sharp intake of your breath shocked as if you had not met many women with the coveted figure 8,you hadn’t,he took the innocence apparently,it was memorable, he thanked me for it. Mhhhh

I’ve heard my nose is as cute as a button, the shape of my lips alluring,legs as smooth as a glazed rink.
Nothing about my toes coz le’ts face it they are nothing to write home about it, something I inherited from mother.
I have never forgotten you, my subconscious looks for you in others.
I choose not to remember in detail. Perhaps because there’s a limit to a heart breaking a second, third if not fourth.
So tis only your name I utter and when my mind tries to dig up our memories, I crush those nerves.
I miss you, if missing you was calculated to the farthest point of earth, it would still be short.

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