05 May

Cosmetic companies and their bullshit truth
Know your skin:some skins need two or ten products for skin goals, others might need one-arimis is bae-don’t need to spend 15000ksh when you only need to spend 30ksh or vice versa.

Look for companies that cater to your skin type and tone.Some usually ride on the popularity of lightskin manenos (things) or even white skin manenos, words like fairer, even skin tone lighter, should be approached with caution and research.

Skin care products should maintain thé skin not hype it, enhance it or lower it to something its not.

Love your skin type and tone as it ïs and you will be better placed to make right decisions.

Some companies use the nomakeupmakeup or the makeupmakeup look to sell products that don’t necessarily deal with makeup. Toners, sunscreens,cleansers will not be able to achieve the look that concealer, powder, foundation, lipstick,eyeshadow etc do
Know the difference so don’t feel cheated when beauty bloggers ,models advertise thé former yet the results look like the latter.

Once a product has had an adverse reaction on your skin. Visit thé dermatologist asap, not thé Cosmetic company, unless to lodge à complaint,don’t buy into the hype of buying another product to counteract the effect of the other.

Visit the dermatologist for better and further clarification.
It will take a while for the skin to go back its original after being affected, research on products that restore damaged skin, be patient don’t buy into the hype of instant results, meanwhile filters is Bae.

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