04 May


It has been a while since  i shenenekad with you remember i promised to continue a part two of a story ,remember this one of which i talked about wrong spirit that entered my shop,well here is another that was from hoe

there is a lady i knew,was a great designer,had  loads  of customers till she joined a certain church and instead of heaven breaking loose ,it was hell taking   over

she donated her sewing machine in the name of planting aseed

she was to go to Germany to study design and her in-law was to help her with some of  the funds only for them to realize her own was missing in the account,yep she had given it to the church

she started becoming very depressed ,always in that church ,praying24/7 such that she was taken to the doctor and prescribed for pills as well ,she was forbidden to go to that church till she got better,she was locked up in the house only for her to jump from the second window break her hand ,refuse physiotherapy and now one hand is shorter than the other

she was moved from Nairobi as well as her family moved from where the church is as they were so angry for destroying their daughter ,as of now she is pretty much in a mental state.

i am all for church but be careful ,not everyone who enters your business ,is just there for business

enjoy the weekend

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