12 May


chicken licken no more

Chickens,the most scary things on earth.
Beaks for lips,feathers for fur
Wings for arms,2 legs for 4?

I am wary of animals that mimic parts of a human,plus eyes so shifty reminding me of pick pockets one finds in life in a matatu.eyes everywhere,but nowhere.

Chicken is intimidating.

I went to feed them a couple of years ago making me swore from anything but their eggs,breasts and thighs.
The worker had given notice by running away-why do they do that?-before the cock crowed. that crowing arghh.
So after feeding the rest of the animals,i started carrying out this herculean task,they are forever eating, never in my moment have i seen them turning their feathered ass away from feed.i have to scream,bang,stomp just to avoid dung,beaks and cross eyes.

Why were they deigned to lay eggs?i wish it were dogs,dogs seem reasonable.i imagine after laying,i call the late micky,who would wake from his basket and i would pick them eggs,or after laying he would walk off,or stroke him to give them up.


Try stroking a chicken… I was feeding the last group of feathered monsters,separated from the cluster as they had been assaulted(see we even humanize them puhhhh),as i was putting the feeder down,there it was perched like a queen,my back was turned from this,one -eyed,half featherless,one winged broken beak poultry.

i was busy singing what a friend we have in jesus when i felt a weight on my back:

Like i had grown two necks but only worse
Like skin had turned hard,claw like,only worse
Like neck had turn soft ,furry and growing worse.

It was breathing so hard,i could trace its nostrils.

I froze,rose to a chill piercing scream to shake it off,it had quite a grip,all i could think off was it dung filled claws searing themselves on skin.
Feculent.i panicked what if in its trauma ,its dung had Changed into some sticky like glue only to imprint itself on my neck?i started having balancing tears.

What would childhood crush think?-probably nothing
my nightmare my monster would tell me i looked beautiful than before-satan
Would i be allowed in a matatu?-nervous

To be continued..