21 Apr

He makes love to me as passionately as his painful kicks
He kisses me as intensely as he savagely bites me

He says i love you as believeably as he says i am going to kill you.

His apologies are as swift as his volcanic temper
His compliments are sweet somethings to his verbal jabs

His promises as hollow as his lies.
His praises are as fast as his slaps.

His gifts as memorable as his punches
His caresses as deceitful as his reassurances

a wound is stitched,
an arm is set,
a tooth replaced,
a wig bought,
black eyes,bruised cheeks, retouched
fingers,necks,ears laced in diamonds
clothes are fixed

i absorb everything,his affliction,his infliction,his affection,his effection,his everything,for

My nightmare is my fairy-tale
My monster is my prince