25 Feb

Am still in the dryer,weirdly I am not itchy nor irritable, mhhh I wonder what to cook for him tonight,chapati,I decide,he likes chapati,and dessert?I think,silly me,am all the dessert he needs.

Telemundo is on,we have the best love story,they should contact me for inspiration,stronger story lines better English,what would I call it?Love and locs no,loctician love no. .I got it !LOVE ON THE LOCS, yes! perfect! The ad would scream.Enjoy the twists,turns,the wax,and heat,the backcombing,the teasing, rolling,this love story will rip ,pin,rub and loom you to your roots,this is the dread of a lifetime!it would be such a hit maker. .

I look up from the magazine, hairdresser man HAS GONE, lord he has LEFT ME, I wail silently ,has he divorced moi?I pray fervently against it,this is what happens when you overcook the chapatis,Shirley!,I scold myself,they are not pizzas!as I am chiding myself ,he comes back,uhhh he just went to get change,wheeee that was close.20min later still at the dryer…I love the dryer

He is counting the day’s cash flow ,he is not too happy,not too sad,this financial crisis,I want to give him a hug but we agreed,no PDA,we are practicing that beyonce ,jayz private kinda love plus his colleague has taken a funny interest in me……women can be so nosy.

He is coming to the dryer..he lowers his body,I can smell his cologne,notice the stubble on his beard,he has a striking chiseled face,light brown eyes,strong jaw line,chest is not too bad looking,I can literally feel his heartbeat. .I pucker up…..ohh he is just opening the hair dryer flap… the other hairdresser looks at me,I blow her the kiss,she smiles,shieet,this woman better not be a lesbian.

He hands me a mirrored,”unaona aje madame”?-what do you see?I love him. ..I mean I love it,it wouldn’t hurt to have some PDA once in a while,at this point I am the last one in the salon, hairdresser man will be walking home with me…..sigh he is such a protector.

I meet my girlfriends,they say” “you look nice, kwani you have a.boyfriend? “…..I smile…….shhhh don’t tell my loctician :