16 Jul


Is your Thursday,random and boring as ever ,mine too,i always hope it turns into something fun but it never does, even the air on Thursday feels boring, humphhhh.

I joined Instagram about  2  months ago and i am slowing getting the hang of  it.Here is how i am faring

I like the fact that it does not have the chat option because there are days you wont feel like chatting ,thank you for that.

The response to posts so far is pretty swift ,a part of it i would like to believe is because i have beautiful posts as well as news jacking every hash tag i can find or think of.

I like the filters, which requires a blog post on its own as they are pretty good.

The layout is simple well put together, the back to back photos is something that i love.

You are not restricted to the 140 characters ,which to so good for talkers like me.

The main idea for instagram is photos should speak a thousand words which is making me work hard on my photo skills,at times i wish i had  a photographer to follow me around.sigh

That is why i love the gram






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